Sant' Eufemia Ruche 2017 DOCG


ABV 14% 75cl

A very rare grape and a very unusual wine. You will either love it or loath it. Hints of violet.

Nero Di Troia 2017 IGT


ABV 13% 75cl

Another lovely "Wednesday" wine on its or with a variety of foods. 

"Gran Sasso" Montepulciano D'Abruzzo 2018 DOC 


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Yet another lovely wine, easy to drink on its own or, better still, with a nice Pizza.

La Carta Salice Salentino Riserva 2017 DOC


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Find normal Primitivo too sickly?This milder Primitivo (cheaper too) is just lovely. No insipid but neither has it that "Glasgow kiss" of some Primitivos.

‘Il Passo Verde’ Organic Nero d’Avola 2019 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

Sambuca in Sicily to thank for this stunning bargain of a wine. Deep ruby in colour. Full bodied with well-balanced acidity and lingering black fruit and spice. Certified Organic, Sustainable, Vegan and Vegetarian. A lovely and versatile Wednesday wine. 13% ABV so less unhealthy than some.

‘Lama di Pietra’ Nero di Troia 2018 IGT


ABV 13% 75cl

A top seller and deservedly so. A glorious “what there not to like” Wednesday wine. 100% Nero di Troia. Soft palate and delicate tannins. Lovely taste of red fruits. Lovely on its own or with a pizza/plate of pasta. If you like this? Try “Carnace”. 13% ABV so a nice gentle descent to bed and fresh as a daisy the next day.

"Dispetto" Vino Rosso 2017 


ABV 14% 75cl

A wine of several grapes and regions. Our best guess is Primitivo blended with Sangiovese and Nero D'Avola. Fruity, rounded and with subtle notes of peppercorns and cinnamon. Partners red meats, semi matured, matured cheese and tasty pasta dishes. If consuming on its own wear a seatbelt.

Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 2015 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

Very much a "Marmite wine " but Greg loves this. Imagine a wine, light on tannins and with just a hint of the "Parma Violet" Sweeties that we used to get. Can be sampled on its own and can even be slightly chilled. 

‘Rubillo’ Cesanese 2019 IGT


ABV 13% 75cl

In addition to roads, sewage, law and order and aquaducts the Romans make this beauty. 100% Cesanese (Lazio grape). Ruby red. Fruits, spice n’ blackberry. A clean, vibrant and easy drinking red with a bit of body. 13% ABV so a nice gentle descent to bed. Pairs well with yellow cheeses and, funnily enough, Roman food.

Fonte Del Re "Lacrima di Morro d'Alba" 2018 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

This is one of Greg's very favourite wines that he is not tired of after nearly 20 years. Smooth, light on tannins, fruity and the capital Marche at its best. Lovely on its own or with white meat dishes.

"Le Olle" Bardolino Superiore 2018 DOCG


ABV 14% 75cl

Think baby Amarone, as you toast chestnuts outside with your pal and look longingly inside at your empty lounge with its fire on.

Alchymia Primitivo 2017 IGT


ABV 14.5% 75cl

Multiple Award-winning Primitivo. If you love Primitivo, this is a fantastic example at a sensible price.

"Ravost" Merlot 2015 DOC


ABV 13.5% 75cl

This is a gorgeous Merlot. If you like Merlot You will love this. If you have found Merlot bland on its own, this will hopefully change your mind.

Bonera Nero d'Avola / Cabernet Franc 


ABV 13.5% 75cl

One of our favourites. a gorgeous smooth wine if you like Cabernet Franc. Blended with Nero d'Avola to give it some kick. Vegan, Vegetarian and sustainable.

Tre Rosso Toscana 2016 IGT


ABV 14% 75cl

Lovely Tuscan blend Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. A versatile wine that matches many foods, including a selection of cheese.

"Cartagho" 2016 DOCG


ABV 14% 75cl

A 2019 Tre Bicchieri winner. Absolutly gorgeous Nero D' Avola. 

"Canache" Nero Di Troia 2015 IGT


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Our most expensive Nero Di Troia by far but well worth it for the additional richness and complexity.

Chianti Classico 2014 DOCG


ABV 14.5% 75cl

This wine has a Tremendous emotional attachment as we have had many family holidays in Panzano. These have included holidays staying at the Fontodi Winery. 100% Sangiovese. Wears the "Red Rooster" logo with justifiable pride. "An organic wine".  

Secco - Bertani (Vintage Edition) 2016 IGT 


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Bertani's historic blend. Refined and elegant. 80% Corvina, 10% Sangiovese Grosso, 5% Syrah, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. As the producer says: Fashions come and go but style remains. Pairs well with Medium flavoured pasta and rice dishes, flavoursome white meat and medium cheeses.

Brico Bonfante 2014 DOCG 


ABV 15% 75cl

A beautiful barbera which is drinking nicely just now, but will be stunning in 3 to 4 years time.



ABV 14% 75cl

This is a glorious "Agllianico". Very rich wine from Camparnia, decant recomended as unfiltered.   

Brunello di Montalcino 2015 DOCG


ABV 14% 75cl

One of the noble wines of Italy. A bruiser of a red. Drinking nicely now but another 5-10 years in bottle would do no harm.

Vino Del Sorbo 2014 DOCG


ABV 14.5% 75cl

A very fine wine made from old vines in the finest vinyards of Fontodi. Organic wine. Aged in oak barrels for 24 months. For special occasion or a special present.

Cesanese 2018 IGT


ABV 13% 75cl

What have the Romans ever done for us Cesanese? Easy drinking wine to partner Pizza or Lasagne.

Governo all'Uso Toscana 2018 IGT


ABV 14.5% 75cl

85% Sangiovese, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5% Syrah. 2017 Decanter Bronze Award Winner. Awarded 96 points by Luca Maroni. Inviting fruity nose with a long fresh finish. An absolute bargain of a wine.  

Campo Torde Corvina 2018 IGT


ABV 12.5% 75cl

A lovely wine. Tremendous fruit and body for a Corvina. A "whats there not to like" wine.

Chianti 2017 DOCG


ABV 13% 75cl

A nice bottle of Chianti, easy to drink. Goes well with a plate of liver and fava beans.

'Costadune' Frappato 2018 IGT


ABV 13% 75cl

A lovely light sicillian red and intense ruby colour. Not too tannic. A lovely pairing for beef, pasta and lamb

"Tufarello" Nero Di Troia 2018 IGT


ABV 13.5% 75cl

The first Nero Di Troia we ever stocked. Another gorgeous Wednesday wine. A good partner for pasta and meat dishes. 

Rosae 2019 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

Fresh, fragrant and easiy drinkable red. Lacrima di Ni Moro is one of Greg's favourites. Just a wee hint of Parma violet.

Cannonau Di Sardegna 2017 DOC


ABV 13.5% 75cl

A delightfully subtle Cannonau (Sardinia's take on Grenache) A lovely wine with pork dishes.

"Ilpasso" Nerello Mascalese 2018 IGT 


ABV 13% 75cl

A beautiful wine to partner lighter meats including poultry or pork. 

"Costa di Moro" Montepulciano D' Abruzzo 2016 DOC


ABV 14% 75cl

At last! A red wine that Greg can drink as its organic, biodynamic, and vegan... 

Orcia Sangiovese 2017 DOC 


ABV 14% 75cl

Beautiful easy drnking Sangiovese; fruit, redcurrants, red cherrt abd violets.

Friuli Isonzo Pinot Nero 2016 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

Dislike PN because it's harsh, too light and lacks fruit? Me too. This is a delicious wine and at a sensible price.  Fresh, spicy, lightly tannic, harmonious and inviting. Lovely with chicken, roast pork and medium-aged cheeses. 

Roma Rosso 2017 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

An easy drinking red being a blend of 50% Montepulciano, 30% Syrah, 20% Cesanese. Fruity, balanced and rounded.

Schioppettino 2016 DOC


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Unusual grape from Friuli. Schioppettino? "Gun shot" or "Little crack".

Gran Sasso "Alta Quota Montepulciano D' Abruzzo Colline Teramini 2012 DOCG


ABV 13.5% 75cl

This is the Daddy of Montepulciano D' Abruzzo. A rich wine for a special family gathering or Sunday roast.

Marino 2015 IGT - Rosso


ABV 14% 75cl

In WW1, the River Piave so much sadness "The Batte of Piave". Nowadays it is home to the unusual and delightful Roboso grape. This wine blends Roboso, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. A full bodied so drinkable, one of our favourites and has many fans.

Argione 2014 IGT 


ABV 12.5% 75cl

Roncaiolo's big brother. Cabernet Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc.

'Belle Assai' Frappato di Vittoria 2016 DOC


ABV 12.5% 75cl

A brilliant light Sicillian red with a perfect harmony between aroma and taste, supported by soft tannins. A very versitile wine that would partner a pizza with anchovies or some fish dishes.

"Ronchedone" 2017 


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Very rich on the nose with hints of red fruit, crushed blueberries, Marasca cherries in alcohol, balsamic and jam aromas. Perfect to accompany well cooked meats, game of feather and fur, seasoned cheeses, rich pasta and soup with meat.

Edizione 2016 IGT


ABV 14.5% 75cl

Far to easy to drink in the same way Port is. Very heavy, smooth and unusual wine in that it combines grapes from two regions in Italy. 99 points by Luca Maroni "Best Italian red"

Ognisanti Di Novare 2017 DOC


ABV 12.5% 75cl

We were fortunate enough to be allocated two case of only ten in the UK. A delightful and subtle wine for those that find Amaroni too rich.

Barbaresco 2016 DOCG


ABV 14.5% 75cl

A lovely Nebbiolo in the modern style.

Amaroni - Della Valpolicella Classico 2016 DOCG


ABV 15.5% 75cl

A Classic of the Appellation with both tradition and a sense of place. With intense aromas of ripe, dark fruit and spice, it has an imposing structure and depth, superb balance with refined tannins and a long, spiced finish.

Cento Cavalli Nero D’Avola 2018 DOC


ABV 14% 75cl

A very pleasant wine. 100 Sicilian horses can’t be wrong. Despite highish ABV very easy to drink, if not the most complex, at this modest price. If you like dark plums and chocolate flavours you will like this. A screwtop too if you and your horses are champing at the bit for a drink. Sustainable, vegan and vegetarian. Partners roast and grilled protein well.

Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2017 DOC


ABV 13.5% 75cl

100% Montepulciano and a multiple award winner. Soft, velvety, cherries, easy to drink. A lovely Wednesday wine. What’s there not to like?

Piemonte Dolcetto 2016 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

Despite the name there is nothing sweet about this wine. A delightful yet lighter red akin to Beaujolais.

Cabernet Franc 2017 DOC


ABV 12% 75cl

A nice gentle descent to bed on a wet Wednesday. Fruity yet not sickly. Light but still with body. No paracetamols required on the Thursday morning.

Aglianico 2017 IGT


ABV 13.5% 75cl

One of our favourite wines Aglianico? for those that find Primitivo a bit "Full on" a lovely versatile bottle of wine.

Rufian 2017 IGT 


ABV 12.5% 75cl

A cheeky little number bordering on impertinent. Fruity wine that goes well with Pasta and Pizza.

Frappato 2018 DOC


ABV 12.5% 75cl

A beautiful light summery red. Smooth and well balanced on the pallet. Best served at 16C.

Hyspa Terre Siciliane 2017 IGT


ABV 13% 75cl

This delightful wine is akin to a pleasant claret (30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc, 20% Syrah, 20% Verdot).

Malbech 2018 IGT


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Northern Italy's take on Malbec. A lighter style than the beautiful Andes bruisers. Goes well with Beef Stroganoff/Umami and cream dishes.

Roncaiolo 2015 IGT


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Gregs 50th birthday wine. Cabernet Franc "Ripasso". Just delightful and so drinkable. A top seller and customers just don't tire of it.  

Pinot Nero 2016 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

Not usually a Pinot Nero fan, but this wine is a beauty with plenty of fruit and reigned acidity. If you don't think you like Pinot Nero have another try. 

Aronne 2017 IGT


ABV 14.5% 75cl

Fascinating multiple Award-Winning wine. Produced with a selection of the best grapes of the producer, in different percentages, depending on the vintage quality and progress. Complex and enveloping aroma with hints of ripe fruit. Makes a great accompaniment to cold meats, meat dishes and cheeses.

“Filio” 2015 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

A new wine for 2020 after a pre lockdown tasting at Gleneagles. Delicious if you like Cabernet Franc.Hints of blackberries, plum jam and soft tannins. Too gentle/subtle for some but a lovely glass of wine for those weary of heavy reds.

Etna Rosso 2018 DOC


ABV 13% 75cl

This wine is produced at the Feudo di Mezzo Winery, situated in the heart of Etna viticulture. It comes from Nerello Mascalese grapes and from the search for a modern expression of this noble grape variety cultivated in the unique and splendid terroir Etna.

“Vertigo” 2017 IGT


ABV 13% 75cl

Fed up with thumping heavy reds? This fab Frulian from a top producer comes to the rescue. 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon to add balance and complexity. Vibrant, long and well structured. Balanced tannins and acidity. A gorgeous wine.

Rosso di Montalcino 2018 DOC


ABV 13.5% 75cl

Young Brunelllo. A lovely and easy to drink Brunello. Have with a steak or a nice cheese board.

"Gigino" 80 Anniversario 2015 IGT


ABV 14% 75cl

This is a monster of a Super Tuscan. Awarded 99 points by Luca Maroni. Would partner a Beef Fiorentina. 

La Grola' 2012 IGT


ABV 14% 75cl

This gorgeous wine is a Valpolicella Classico. (90% Corvina - 10% Oseleta) It is a very rich wine and a couple of glasses will do. A real treat of a wine and rated 95 points in the 2019 Decanter World Wine Awards.

Eruzione "1614" Nerello Mascalese 2017 DOC


ABV 14.5% 75cl

Mount Etna gives us yet another stunning wine. Intense aromas of sour cherry, fresh cherry and beeswax that lead to an elegantly structured pallet.

Barolo 2015 DOCG


ABV 14% 75cl

A Barolo in the modern style that is spectacular wine for the money, enjoy with game or cheese. 

"Dino" 2016 IGT


ABV 15% 75cl

Balsamic herbal aromas, as well as a classic, black berry and tobacco notes. On the palete, the wine is incredibly complex with pronounced flavours of balsamic herbs, sweet tobacco and hints of cherry. The finish is long and persistent. 

"Catullo" Val Policella Ripasso 2016 DOC


ABV 13.5% 75cl

We were fortunate enough to be allocated two case of only ten in the UK. A delightful and subtle wine for those that find Amaroni too rich.