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Primo Spumante Verdicchio IGT


ABV 12% 75cl

Fizzy Verdicchio (basically Prosecco) but made with Verdicchio grapes. Absolutely delicious and something interesting. A lovely Party Fizz on its own in the garden.

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Extra dry DOC

- Prosecco


ABV 11% 75cl

Very dry for a Prosecco. Well made, refreshing and well worth the premium over cheap Prosecco.

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Quartese DOCG

- Prosecco


ABV 11% 75cl

Another DOCG Prosecco with a drier style than the Giustino B. Clear scents of golden apple.

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Alma Gran Cuvee DOCG - Franciacorta


ABV 12.5% 75cl

Franciacorta is Italy's answer to Champagne and is in material respects made the same way. The fizz at "La Scala Milano". Gorgeous packaging and a lovely celebratory fizz when Prosecco won't do.

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Brut White Label

- Prosecco


ABV 11% 75cl

High quality Prosecco from a small family producer

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Lambrusco Grasparaossa di Castelvetro 2019 DOC


ABV 11% 75cl

If Italy were a meal Modena would be the main course. Apart from Maserati what has Modena done for us? Pavarotti and the Museo Enzo Ferrari. This traditional dry Lambrusco is 100% Lambrusco Grasparossa. Delicate, tangy and cherries. Sustainable, vegan and vegetarian. Lovely as a pre- dinner fizz with cheese. 11% ABV so you won’t fall over too quickly.

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Giustino B DOCG

- Prosecco


ABV 11.5% 75cl

Can Prosecco be this expensive and this good? Greg's favourite since 2001. Just gorgeous as is the pink label and tissue wrapping. Once bought and then bought again by the case? A Tre Bicchieri winner. The world's best Prosecco. We think so.

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Franciacorta - Saten Brut Vintage DOCG 2014


ABV 13% 75cl

Our very favouite fizz for special occasions. Elegant and delicate. Well worth the money even at £45. 

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Brut extra dry Blue label - Prosecco


ABV 11% 75cl

Drier high quality Prosecco from a small family producer

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Argeo DOCG

- Prosecco


ABV 11% 75cl

Looking for a special occasion/wedding fizz? Served at a wedding in 2014 when I didn't know what it was. Not Giustino B but cuts well above most other Proseccos we've sampled.

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Metodo Classico Carricante - Brut


ABV 12.5% 75cl

Lovely smooth dry white from Planeta. Delightful wine on its own or with fish/white meat.

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Vittorio Moretti DOCG

- Fraciacorta


ABV 12.5% 75cl

The most expesnive wine in the shop and a very expensive fizz. Named after the owner of this fantastic vineyard that we visited in 2016. Like something from a James Bond set. Beautiful stuff but so it should be at this price.





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ABV 5.5% 75cl

Natrually effervescent and cold fermented made from black Muscat grape. A glass of chilled pleasant nonsense to enjoy with friends in the garden. In Australia they sell it as draft???